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Welcome to Angstrom Minerals

What you need to know about Angstrom Minerals

1. Angstrom Minerals are best absorbed sublingually!

Sublingual means to put them under your tongue. It's best to hold them there for at least 15 seconds, which allows the cells of the mouth to begin to absorb the mineral. 

2. Angstrom Minerals do not require digestion!

They can absorb through the skin, in the mouth, etc. Go ahead try that with a tablet, capsule, or powder! In bypassing the digestive tract Angstrom Minerals help your body absorb minerals and more of them than pills and powders.

3. Angstrom Minerals are cell ready!

This means that there is no loss of mineral to the digestive system. pills and powders may only be partially digested so a large portion of the mineral passes right through you and gets flushed down the toilet. With pills and powders your body absorbs roughly 5% to 7%, in contrast Angstrom minerals are Bio-Available so any cell can absorb and use the mineral upon contact giving them 99.9% absorption. 
because Angstrom Minerals are so easy for the body to use you need 20 times less to get the same dosage as a pill. How do you figure that out. . . 
Best mineral absorption Math

4. Angstrom Minerals are Liquid Ionic Minerals

The nature of minerals in their most basic state is that of atoms. Only in this state are they able to carry an electrical charge, positive or negative. Your body can only absorb and use these minerals if they carry an electrical charge. Angstrom Minerals are pure minerals in water with loose bods to each other and an electrical charge making them ionic and easily used by the body.

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Discounts: We have a variety of built in discounts like our Bundle & Save items and our Case Lot items. both are excellent when you know you're going to need and use it so having a little extra isn't a bad idea.
Sales: We try and always have some sort of sale going like our Product of the Week or our Monthly Awareness Bundles which are put together to help with specific health issues and usually line up with national or world health days and months. These sales are usually advertised in the slideshow on the Home Page so you can find them easily.
Coupons: There are always active coupons!!! We have coupons for our most loyal clients, return customers, wholesale, practitioners, first time customers, and more! If you can't find or don't have a coupon call us and we'll give you the best one for you. There is no reason to miss out on savings when you're shopping with us!
Giveaways: We try and do multiple giveaways throughout the year sometimes it's just free stuff included with your order like pens, calendars, or even products. Other times we host giveaway drawings on our facebook page so make sure you're following us there.
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Now that you know a little bit more about Angstrom Minerals go explore the site and don't be afraid to call us with any questions, and again welcome!
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