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Elemental Mineral Absorbtion is better

 Why Choose Elemental

Why choose elemental.In so many tablets and capsules, the actual weight  in mg is listed, but it is not all the mineral of choice. So many times they add fillers to make the capsule look larger. Many times there is a stamping agent in tablets to hold it together, of flow agents to help encapsulate the mineral.

Elemental, is the amount of pure mineral in the supplement. Angstrom Minerals are 99.9% pure or elemental. The only other ingredient is water which is the universal  carrier that lets the mineral be absorbed quickly. 

Why Choose liquid.

Because water is the universal carrier, it is easy to drink it without  choking on tablets and capsules. It distributes the mineral to every cell it touches and thus speeds delivery of the mineral straight to the cell.

It is pure. The body does not have to strip off colors, flavors and / or other garbage before absorption can begin.