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Elemental Minerals vs Mineral tablets and capsules with fillers



When we say elemental, we mean the amount of mineral that is pure and absorbable by the body. Tablets and capsules may or may not be 100% elemental. Many capsules include fillers and flow agents to aid in the encapsulation process. Most fillers are not harmful, but deceiving on the per capsule weight of the mineral being purchased..


For Example:

A capsule of calcium may be 80% calcium and 20 % magnesium stearate or rice flour. So in a capsule of 1000 mg, you only get 800 mg of calcium.

The other problem is absorption. Powders do not absorb as well as liquid. You get about 3 to 5% absorption with mineral powders. Angstrom Minerals are 99.9% absorbed. So you see, the question is about efficiency.