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PPM to mg conversion

Angstrom Minerals

What does PPM mean?

Well it's short for Parts Per Million

Liters of minerals have a concentration in a ration form, or how many parts of the fluid are mineral to the total volume.
ml / Liter = ppm

To fully compare strength of minerals, you must understand how they are measured.
Here is the method for converting (ppm) Parts per Million to Milligrams (mg)

ppm Conversion Formula
ppm / 200 = mg per teaspoon


As each mineral has a different concentration, you will have to figure each one separately. that is how you do the ppm conversion for all liquid minerals. Just remember, get pure minerals in water. No sugar, no flavors, just minerals!

Calcium Example:
Angstrom Calcium has 1500 ppm.

So 1500/200=7.5 mg of calcium per Teaspoon.

Be sure to know that you need 20 times less Angstrom mg than  RDA mg.

To understand fully the benefit of Angstrom Minerals, you must understand how daily allowance was calculated. A long time a go when the FDA decided to make the recommended Daily allowance (RDA) for vitamins and minerals, they did not have Angstrom Minerals to test. They used tablets and possibly capsules. Now tablets with their minimal surface area are hard to digest. At times, you may even see a tablet come out in the toilet. Smash a mineral together tightly and you form a ROCK!

Capsules are much better than tablets. The mineral in side is finer and has more surface area for the stomach acid to work on. However, it still depends on the compound of the mineral in side.

So the FDA tested these minerals and calculated the content that actually got into the blood stream. You can absorb about 5% to 7% of these kinds of minerals. So to get 35 mg of mineral into your body, you have to take 500 mg. That is at the best absorption rate of 7%. Most of us have poor digestion so the absorption rate is much less.

So if you needed 35 mg of some regular mineral and you absorbed 7% you took a 500 mg capsule or tablet. Angstrom Minerals are pure minerals not compounds. Since Angstrom Minerals are 99.9% absorbable or useable mineral, you would only need to take enough to equal 35 mg to meet the RDA.

Angstrom Minerals Math
So you see with angstrom minerals, you get the mineral you need without all of the filler. Thus it cost you less for your higher quality mineral.

Ok, so you are familiar with how many miligrams a day you need. So what is this ppm? It stands for parts per million. That is how you measure the concentration of the mineral in the water. miligrams is a little misleading because it is usually the weight of the capsule and not all of that weight is mineral.

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